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A tale of paradise lost and found, as mixed by Celer.


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There once was a magical land where people shared files without fear of reproach. They ripped and burned to their hearts' content. They continually sampled new types of media, and their lives were enriched.

One day, without warning, they were struck by a great cataclysm, and the files were gone. At first, the people could not cope with their loss. There was confusion and panic. Sleep was haunted by nightmares. Eventually, their days blended together in a dreary haze of boredom.

Finally, a beacon of light came down from the clouds, and showed the promise of a new tomorrow. The people were led to a new home, one which they could shape to be even better than their last. At last, they were reunited with their files.


Tr Artist Track
01 Daft Punk Technologic
02 Deeds Plus Thought The World's Made Up of This and That
03 Orbital You Lot
04 Prodigy Their Law
05 Freestylers Feel the Panic
06 Emergency Broadcast Network Get Down v2.2
07 Chemical Brothers Out of Control (Sasha remix)
08 Faithless Insomnia
09 Underworld Dark and Long
10 Dirty Vegas Days Go By
11 Crystal Method Keep Hope Alive
12 Brother Brown Under the Water (Faithless remix)
13 Chemical Brothers Come With Us (Fatboy Slim remix)
14 Dub Pistols Best Got Better
15 Wildchild Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)



This mix was created and mixed digitally by Celer. No mp3s were harmed in the making of this mix.



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