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06/27/07 - DO YOU KNOW THE WAY

... to San Jose?

It's true, the DJ has moved west, and now resides somewhere between San Francisco and San Jose. If you're in the area, do drop him a line, he's ever-so-lonely.

02/27/07 - I LIKE TO MOVE IT

Some important news about future gigs has been dissemenated through private channels, it's quite exciting all around. If you'd like to know more, email me.

I should have done this a few weeks ago, but better late than never. I just found out about this thing called YouTube, where apparantly people are clogging the tubes of the internets with illegal streaming video. I gathered up all the videos from <3 and put them in a playlist. You can even watch it on your Wii!

So I present to you Less Than Three: The Video Experience.

Maybe my next project will involve video too? What's one more unfinished item in the queue...


In honor of February 14, you should listen to <3 again. Preferably with your significant other.

It's been a year since that mix and it's still the "newest" available. There are a few in the hopper but none of them will be released in the near future. Consider them Overcome By Events.

There will be considerable activity over the next few months, but it will all be behind the scenes, so if you're looking for an update, email.

12/08/06 - DROP SOME DRUMS

Yes, ANOTHER bloggy-video link update. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to swallow my pride and make a "Wordpress" site for all the kids to "Digg" when they hear about it on "The Screen Savers" or whatever it is you nerds are watching these days.

This video is related to my latest distraction from music--Nintendo's Wii. As if the games weren't addictive enough, now I have to somehow find the time to write some PC applications that use the Wiimote!

11/07/06 - AMEN BROTHER

This is a little "bloggy" of me, but it was just too fascinating not to share (if anybody is actually reading this thing, please let me know).

Everyone in the country has probably heard the "Amen Break", whether they recognize it or not. This short presentation describes the origins of the six-second drum loop, traces its path from the b-side of a 1969 soul record into the collective consciousness of our culture, and cautions against the dangers of overprotective copyright law.

Give it a few minutes, I'm sure you'll find it as interesting as I did.






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